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Founded in 1983, we have always offered Quality, Price and Fast Service - and have lived up to it! Our first products were Inspection Stations, Pit Switches, Fire Key Boxes and Emergency Door Releases. They were initially sold in a 3-state area.
Today, we carry
over 3,000 parts and accessories for elevators and escalators. We are adding new products monthly.

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Air Conditioners, Bells, Braille, Brushes, Certificate Frames, Combplates, Emergency Lights, Fans, Fuses, Handrails, Inserts, Inspection Stations, Ladders, Lamps, Lubricants, Motors, Packing, Pad Hooks, Phones, Pit Switches, Power Units, Pumps, Rail Clamps, Rollers, Signs, Sills, Spirators, Tank Heaters & Coolers, Wedge Sockets, Door Restrictors, Cab Pads, Heaters and more...

Visit our
on line catalog to see a complete list of items.

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We are an Independent Business Enterprise specializing in manufacturing and distribution of elevator and escalator parts and accessories. Since the day Quality Elevator Products opened its doors we have promised to provide quick delivery of high quality competitively priced products. We ship most items the same day they are ordered.

We are proud of our personalized service, and are dedicated to you, our valued customers.

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