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Woodfold Gate Features (This page is being updated. Call for information.)

bar_short.gif (829 bytes)Any Width
bar_short.gif (829 bytes)Heights to Ten Feet
bar_short.gif (829 bytes)Meets ASME A17.1(204.4F)  
bar_short.gif (829 bytes)High Pressure Laminates Offered
bar_short.gif (829 bytes)Solid Aluminum Panels Available  
bar_short.gif (829 bytes)Special Hardware Available
bar_short.gif (829 bytes)Custom Finishes Available
bar_short.gif (829 bytes)Two-week Manufacturing Time*
      *See Shipping Schedule below.

Tested for Compliance
Woodfold accordion gates for elevators have been tested by an independent laboratory to comply with ASME A17.1, Section 204.4f "Strength of doors, gates and their guides." Gates have also been independently tested for ADA compliance (per ADA/BOMA Sec.4.1311) for opening load force.
6_09.jpg (130057 bytes) Architectural Specifications
Residential Elevator Gate(s) shall be accordion-type, factory finished, with panels connected continuously along the top and bottom by a steel hardware hinge system. Individual hinges are to be riveted to those adjoining, and contain stops to maintain a uniform extended position. Extruded vinyl seals shall securely connect all adjoining panels top to bottom. Gates shall be suspended by nylon wheels from an aluminum overhead track. Bottom pins and lead post gib travel in floor guide (by elevator Mfg.). All necessary hardware and moldings shall be included for normal installation. Note: To comply with ADA requirements, certain applications may call for specific handle location placement and accessible finished opening widths.

Unique Hardware Hinge System
The Woodfold top and bottom
hardware hinge system eliminates the stretching of the vinyl panel connectors. Our roller system is riveted to the top steel hardware hinge system allowing doors to "stay put," whether in the stacked or extended position. This metal hinge system provides rigidity and strength while the partition or door is fully extended.

Hardware Hinge Colors
Clear finish supplied with Off-white, Chalk and Amethyst doors. Bronze finish supplied with all others. Gold available at optional cost.

Lead Posts I Visifold Side Channels
Vertical aluminum components are available in clear anodized, bronze, sand and white as standard, each is
color coordinated with panel connector finish. Gold available at optional cost.

Panel Connectors (240 Series)
Color-coordinated, extruded vinyl, barbed and imbedded in saw kerfs in panel edges with special adhesives. Supplied as standard in the following colors: White with Off-white, Chalk and Amethyst vinyl; Sand with Hardwood Birch and Oak, Birch and Natural Oak Vinyl, Tan, Tahiti and Rattan vinyl; Brown with all other vinyl or hardwood panels.

Woodfold Residential Elevator Gates are guaranteed against failure resulting from defective material or workmanship.

Shipping Schedule
All series with factory standard finishes, two weeks. Custom finishes, three weeks after color approval. All others, "check with factory."

Finish Selections
Natural Hardwood Veneers
Select grade veneers of four popular hardwoods are laminated to 1/4"MDF providing excellent dimensional stability. Factory finishing with sealer and protective clear lacquer top-coats minimizes moisture retention and increases panel stability. Standard hardwoods are: Birch, Oak, Mahogany and Walnut. Custom stain finishes and exotic or special hardwoods are available with sufficient lead time. Contact our headquarters for more information.

Vinyl-Lam Wood grains
Eight realistic appearing faux wood finishes are offered. Finishes are laminated to 1/4"medium density fiberboard providing excellent dimensional stability. Wood grain finishes include: Birch, Natural Oak, Light Oak, Dark Oak, Pecan, Teak, Mahogany and Walnut. Light Oak finish is available with Class 1 fire-retardant core.

Solid Colors & Textures
Six vinyl finishes are offered. Off-white and Tan and multi-toned Chalk, Tahiti, Rattan and Amethyst textures. All are laminated to 1/4" MDF providing excellent dimensional stability. Chalk vinyl finish is available with Class 1 fire-retardant core.

Decorative Laminates
High-pressure decorative laminates from Wilsonart, Pionite, Nevamar and Formica may be specified. Please advise pattern number and manufacturer.

Acrylic Panels
Visifold gates feature 1/8"thick, transparent, clear or bronze-toned acrylic panels. Panels can be used alone or in combination with our other standard gate finishes. Other clear or opaque 1/8" thick panel options are offered by quotation.

Woodfold's Alumifold Gates incorporate our exclusive hinge system with aluminum frame side channels with clear finished anodized aluminum panels .080" thick. Offered in your choice of solid or perforated aluminum either can be used alone or in combination with the other for an aesthetically pleasing and secure elevator gate.

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