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Bidirectional Self-Resetting / Remote-Set Governors for Roped Hydraulic Elevators
Self-Resetting/Remote-Set Governor is designed to test the safeties from the machine room. A momentary switch on the controller trips the governor. The governor and the safeties are then unlocked by upward movement of the car.

This governor is most effective on Roped Hydraulic projects where the use of a governor access door is impossible or undesirable. Normally mounted in the overhead, this type of governor may also be mounted in the pit, when clearances allow. State and local codes for the project area must allow self-resetting/ remote-set governors without access doors. In addi­tion, certain large capacity cars or elevators with high speeds may not be able to utilize this style of gover­nor. Please contact us for more details.

Note: Not approved in some US jurisdictions. Certifications available upon request.

Remote-Set Governors PDF flyer
Door spirators PDF flyer Remote-Set Governors PDF flyer.

Common Features
• Bidirectional rotation and tripping
• 24VDC remote set solenoid
• CSA, UL, IP67 safety switch
• Manual reset safety switch, 1NC/1NO, 3A 400VAC
• Hardened running groove for 1/4" or 3/8" rope
• Test sheave for simulated tripping
• Dismountable base plate
• Safety cover
LK-COVER available, not included
LK 200 Features
• Sheave groove for 1/4" (6-6.5 mm) rope
• Main sheave 8.15”Dia. (207 mm)
• Test sheave 5.67”Dia. (144 mm)
• Dimensions 9.5”W x 14.6”H x 8.7”D
• Weight 36 Lb.
LK 315 Features
• Sheave groove for 3/8" (8-10 mm) rope
• Main sheave 12.40”Dia. (315 mm)
• Test sheave 8.66”Dia, (220 mm)
• Dimensions 12.4”W x 14.6”H x 8.7”D
• Weight 41 Lb.
Type "R" Features
• 24VDC remote reset/ manual reset safety switch
• 1NC, 3A 400VAC

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  Model Trip Speed
Safety Switch
  LK 200 63 63 Manual
  LK 200 75 75 Manual
  LK 315 175 Manual
  LK 315-210 210 Manual
  LK 315-280 280 Manual
  LK 315-337 337 Manual
  LK 315-415 415 Manual
  Model Trip Speed
Safety Switch
  LK 315-452 452 Manual
  LK 315-475 475 Manual
  LK 315-175R 175 Remote or Manual
  LK 315-210R 210 Remote or Manual
  LK 315-280R 280 Remote or Manual
  LK 315-337R 337 Remote or Manual
  LK 315-452R 452 Remote or Manual

Replacement Parts and Accessories

• Heavy duty, injection molded, semi-transparent governor plastic safety cover, 1/8" wall, 15.2"W x 14.2"H x 11.2"D.
• 24VDC, remote set solenoid.
• Manual reset safety switch, 1NC/1NO, 3A 400VAC.



Commercial Governor for “A” and “B” Safeties
Westinghouse Style Elevator Governor is a commercial governor for Type A and Type B Safeties. This Overspeed Governor designed for elevator speeds up to 350 FPM. Pull-through is adjustable from 330 to 550 pounds-force. Governor meets ASME A17.1 Code, comes with a UL Overspeed manual reset switch, automatic mechanical reset installed and active, and safety enclosure. Automatic mechanical reset can be removed and governor will require a manual reset after lock activation. Each governor preset to 400 LB pull-through force, electrical switch trip speed, mechanical lock trip speed, tested and sealed in the USA. Governor weight is 75 LB.

Commercial Governor PDF flyer
Commercial Governor PDF flyer Commercial Governor PDF flyer.

• ASME A17.1 Code Compliant
• Type A and B compatible
• Elevator speed up to 350 FPM
• Manual reset Overspeed electrical switch
• UL Overspeed switch NC, 2A @ 230VAC
• Electrical switch tripping speed 155 - 407 FPM
• Automatic or manual mechanical lock reset
• Mechanical lock tripping speed 175 - 452 FPM
• Pull through force 400 LB, factory adjusted
• Ductile cast iron wheel, 12” Dia. with 3/8" groove
• Designed for 3/8” 8x19 traction steel cable
• Safety enclosure 13.8”H x 7.8”W x 24.3”L, included
• Enclosure weight 24 LB • Governor weight 75 LB

Model Rated
Car Speed
Trip Speed
Trip Speed
CM-2685 0-125 155 175
CM-2685-210 150 187 210
CM-2685-280 200 252 280
CM-2685-337 250 303 337
CM-2685-452 350 407 452
CM-2685.jpg (63135 bytes)
CM-2685-COVER.jpg (68122 bytes)
CM cover



Tension Weight and Sheave Assembly for Elevator Overspeed Governors

Tension Weight Sheave Assembly PDF flyer
Tension Weight Sheave Assembly PDF flyer Tension Weight Sheave Assembly PDF flyer.

CEMTSH.jpg (158448 bytes)


Horizontal or swing type tension weight designed to mount on the guide rail with two rail clips. Tension weight can be moved on the support arm to one of three positions. Depending on the position of the tension weight, the weight on pulley or tensile force can be 78.5 Lb, 83 Lb, and 87.5 Lb. Tension weight, sheave, sheave guard, mounting plate assembly, and set of two rail clips, bolts, nuts and lock washers are included.
Mounting plate with custom offsets can be made, please inquire.

• Rope size: 3/8”
• Rail size: 8 Lb/Ft, 12 Lb/Ft
• Sheave diameter: 12-3/8”, 12” nominal
• Offset distance
   • Rail base to rope CL: 1.0” or 1.25”
   • Rail (8 Lb/Ft) CL to rope CL: 6.0”, adjustment ±0.7”
   • Rail (12 Lb/Ft) CL to rope CL: 6.0”, adjustment ±0.1”
• Weight
   • Weight on sheave: 83 Lb, adjustment ±4.5 Lb.
   • Tension weight: 22.6 Lb.
   • Total weight: 45 Lb.



Governor Rope Clamp

Model GRC-2006

The Governor Rope Clamp designed for use during the 5-year test of the Governor Pull-Out and the Pull-Through to comply with A17.2-2004 part 2, Item 2.13.2 (b) (5).

The Rope Clamp two (2) plates are applied to opposite sides of the governor rope using two (2) 10" curved jaws locking pliers.
The plates are made of 6061 T-6 clear anodized aluminum. Plate dimensions: 5-1/4"L x 2.0"W x 0.75"D.

Two (2) plates and one (1) shackle are included. Locking pliers
Model 6C661 are not included but available. 

In a position best suited to lift the cable with a come-along, to ensure sufficient slack to spin the governor sheave.

The GRC-2006 can also be used during the testing of the governor pull through. Apply the GRC-2006 to the governor rope using two (2) 10" curved jaws locking pliers, (as shown) and attach your come-along and dynamometer.
Model DYN-1000 recommended.

6C661.jpg (26469 bytes)

Governor Rope Clamp PDF flyer
Governor Rope Clamp PDF flyer Governor Rope Clamp PDF flyer.

GRC-2006b.jpg (45431 bytes)
GRC-2006 Bottom View

GRC-2006.jpg (47798 bytes)
GRC-2006 Side View

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