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Model URT

Universal relay tester ends guess work. Rugged, simple to operate, and foolproof. It instantly identifies open or shorted coils and pinpoints defective or intermittent contacts. Three socket configurations allow testing of the most commonly used three and four pole 110-125V AC and D C relays. A must have time saver for service personnel. This maintenance free unit operates from a 110-125V AC plug-in line cord and is short circuit protected for safety.

Model URTI
Hand-held, lightweight relay tester. For 4, 6, and 12 pole relays, coil voltages from 26V to 100V DC Connects to DC power on controller, batteries not required.

• Non-contact testing instrument
• Works on AC or DC relays and solenoids
• Response time: 10 milliseconds
• Detects residual magnetism and transit pulses

Model MP1       Mag-probe, standard sensitivity
Model MPS1    Mag-probe, high sensitivity

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