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  For easy access to hidden areas.

Model LPT

Set of magnetic (blue) and non-magnetic (red) , flexible,
lighted pick-up tools for small objects.
• Both with LED light
• Convenient On/Off button
• Spring steel claws
• Approximately 24 inches long
• Storage case included
• Three LR-44 batteries included

Model CPUT
Retrieves most small items of any material up to 2 lbs.
• 23-1/2” flexible shaft bends and snakes into hard

  to reach areas
• Spring steel claws open wide
• Sturdy tempered spring steel shaft
• Press plunger to open jaws

Model PUT
Retrieves ferrous metal parts, to up to 18 oz.
• Telescopes to 26-3/4”

Model PAL

Pocket area light with 18 super-bright floodlight style LED’s. Three AA batteries (included) provide 6 hours of run time.
• Ratcheting hinge and powerful case magnet
• Foldable hanging hook swivels 360 degrees
• Open/Close - On/Off switch
• Convenient pouch with clip

Model IMPT
For fast accurate inspection of hidden areas
Double ball joint allows mirror to swivel to any angle
• Magnet for retrieving nuts and bolts
• 1-1-4” round mirror, 7-1/2” length
• Telescopes to 19-7/8”
• Pocket clip to fit easily in pocket



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Model EMF

Extendable magnetic flashlight kit includes
an inspection mirror that connects
magnetically to the lighted end
of the flashlight and easily
adjusts to any angle.




• 1. Powerful magnet on grip acts as a third hand
• 2. Handy pocket clip
• 3. Telescopes from 6.5” to 21”
• 4. Flexible shaft - for hard-to-reach places
• 5. Handy On/Off Button
• 6. Magnet at light end - for powerful retrieval
• 7. Three Super-bright LED’s
• 8. Flexible inspection mirror rotates 360 degrees
• 9. Three LR-44 batteries included


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