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For motors, reducers, compressors, pumps or other machinery, where there is movement of parts, air, gas, or fluid.


Mechanics Stethoscope helps you quickly and accurately locate trouble with motors, reducers, com­pressors, pumps or other machinery where there is movement of mechanical parts, air, gas, or fluid. The plastic ear protectors help reduce shop noise, the probe extends access into tight spaces.
Model AT100
• 3" aluminum probe
• 8" aluminum probe extension
• Storage bag included

Specific Applications:
• Air flow and air leak detection
• Bearing and bushing wear
• Chipped, broken or worn gears
• Compressed air and gas leaks
• Fluids movement
• Hydraulic valves
• Hydronic systems
• Instrument failure
• Location of structural pests
• Malfunctioning fuel injectors
• Motor brush wear
• Noisy valves or lifters
• Pump impeller wear
• Refrigerant charging
• Solenoid function
• Valve operation
• Wind leaks...etc.

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