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Model TAL-1PB001

Quick, accurate alignment of hydraulic elevator casings.
Minutes vs. hours -quick, easy alignment lowers high man-hour costs.
For accurate centering, and -prevents problems caused by out-of-plumb jacks. Where casings have to be joined, any dog legs can be quickly spotted and corrected.
Easy to use - Mechanically centered by a unique device, a vapor proof light is lowered the full length of the casing. The "halo" of light appearing around the outer diameter of the centering disk indicates when perfect alignment is achieved. The compact, custom-fitted carrying case allows for easy portability and quick re-assembly of unit.

alsys2.gif (18572 bytes) Before any building structure is put up cylinder can be aligned, saving the time and expense of having to take out the piston later.
Any length
Any diameter
casing up to 12" with standard system.
110 VAC or 12 VDC
Extensions available for larger diameters greater than 12"

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