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  Measure diameter of any circular object.

• Roll it on, stays in place
• Easy to use and to move
• Clear tough 2 mil. non-skid surface
• Temporary protection, up to 30 days
• Great for hallways and stairs
• Use on all types of synthetic carpets
• Tear and puncture resistant

Model CM24X200   24” X 200’
Model CM36X200   36” X 200'
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• Specially formulated 3 mil. self-adhesive poly runner
• Durable protection
• Resistant to tearing and scuffing
• Ideal for countertops
• Protects hard surfaces such as linoleum, ceramic tile,cultured marble, etc.
• Temporary protection, up to 30 days

Model FM24X200    24” X 200’
Other lengths and widths available
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• Fast and easy application of carpet protection for large areas
• Durable, heavy duty construction
• Saves time and labor
• Fits 200’ and 1000’ rolls in both widths

Model CMA24    24” Applicator
Model CMA36    36” Applicator
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