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IN-PBI        Conventional pushbutton - complete
IN-PB7        Decorator pushbutton - complete
IN-PB13      Vandal resistant pushbutton - complete
  IN-PBBASE   Pushbutton base, 2 N.O. / 2 N.C.
IN-EX512     Key, for “Emergency Stop”
IN-EX513     Key, for momentary 2nd and 3rd positions
IN-EX514     Key, for “On/Off” and “Access”
IN-EX515     Key, for “Fire Service”
IN-EX516     Key, for Momentary and on/off
IN-PB101     Jewel, Red fire service, projecting
IN-KS101*   Key switch, on/off
IN-KS102*   Key switch, light on/off
IN-KS103*   Key switch, fan on/off
IN-KS104*   Key switch, light/fan, 3 position
IN-KS105*   Key switch, Hoistway Access
IN-KS106*   Key switch, Emergency Stop
IN-KS107*   Key switch, Phase I (ANSI)
IN-KS108*   Key switch, Phase II (ANSI)
IN-KS109*   Key switch, Fire service, 2 position (Chicago & California)

  * Add ''V'' for vertical mount and “H” for horizontal mount, i.e. IN-KS103V

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