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  The Following are Replacement Parts for the Peelle Company Hoistway Doors and Car Gates.

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  Model 01506 Adjustable Latch Hook   Model 056910M Moisture Resistant Door Motor
  Model 0232 Gate Cwt. Guide Shoes   Model 06592 Roller Keeper with Washer
  Model 0238B Guide Shoes - Bronze   Model 093444 Micro Switch, Door and Gate Limits, 3-Point
  Model 0239 Guide Shoes   Model 093445 Micro Switch, Door and Gate Limits, 5-Point
  Model 0258 Guide Shoes   Model 235534 Hanger Bar Keeper Hook
  Model 03457 Center Latch Round Wire Spring   Model 25472 Moisture Resistant Gate Motor, w/Pinion
  Model 036717 7M-1B Contact Switch Assembly


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