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40 beam unit

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194 beam unit

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"3D" unit

• Full opening protection screen fills doorway from ground level to height of 6 feet
• No moving parts -- less call backs
• Simple installation, no adjustments necessary
• Same unit easily fitted to both center and side opening doors with no cab modifications --no left hand or right hand
• Absolutely free from problems associated with the condition of doors, rollers, etc. No alignment problems
• Range of up to 25 ft. -- tremendous power, penetrates dust and dirt, etc.
• Microprocessor controlled fail safe.
• Reduces damage to elevator doors normally associated with freight movement
• Can be set to tolerate damage -- keeps elevators running
• Complies with ANSI/ASME A17.1 and A17.5 CSA approved. FCC Class A

When you install the new Panaforty from Quality Elevator Products your passengers can enter and exit your elevators with ease and safety. No more fighting with ugly, unreliable rubber bumpers or wrestling with doors determined to close. With the Panaforty, just enter the doorway and the door will retreat. The Panaforty protects passengers by setting up a harmless curtain of infra-red beams. Block a single beam and the door re-opens. The beams are generated and controlled by ultra-reliable electronic circuitry thus eliminating costly, down the road service calls associated with the traditional safety edge.
Recommended applications: All elevators including office buildings, apartment houses, hospitals, nursing homes, colleges, freight elevators.

Model P40-PLUS
• 40 beam unit
Model PANA194
• 194 beam unit
Model P40-3-D

• "3D" unit
Model P40C (black)
•Replacement Cables (Panaforty)

Model P40C-PLUS (blue)
•Replacement Cables (Panaforty Plus)
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