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Model TAL-IRA019  Jack Lubricator

Model TLJGS-ILB   Replacement Lube Cartridges

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Spring loaded lubricator keeps compound properly metered at a constant pressure with only periodic reloads.
The famous Jack’s Green Slime 101 is fed into the zerk fitting on the pressure lubricator. The compound is then injected into the box, where a constant system pressure of 22 lbs.. is maintained by the loaded spring in the lubricator cup. A one-way check valve assures that hydraulic oil will not dilute the compound should there be a bottom seal leak. In the event of a bottom seal leak, a safety relief valve factory set at 25 lbs.., will allow the oil to pass safely into an external container. Only periodic checks are needed to maintain the proper level of compound in the lubricator cup.

Complete system installs directly onto the stuffing box without modifications to the OEM design.
The stuffing box lubricator is primarily designed to work in a two-seal arrangement, although some single seal applications will work with some minor modifications. The lubricator is mounted directly in place of the oil return line on the box. The lubricator does not change the OEM designed Oil Return System but rather improves on it.

Ends performance complaints for high use double seal applications.
Green slime 101 is injected into the lantern between the two seals. Now the usually dry top seal is lubricated and the piston coated with a SATINY SMOOTH finish that reduces friction in both the bottom seal and the plunger bearing. Jack’s Green Slime 101 has a high content of powdered teflon and is compatible in oil. Also Green Slime 101 will pass through a 10 micron filter, so it will not foul any valve orifices.

System Includes:
   • Pressurized lubricator
   • All necessary pipe fittings
   • Factory preset check valves
   • Copper oil return tubing
   • “Famous” Jack’s Green Slime 101

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