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Motion Guard™ Escalator Skirt Deflector Device


Physical Characteristics:
•Patented Design: Application # 09/611,198
•Conforms with ASME A17.1 code requirements
•One piece molded construction, including integrated end cap
•Stainless Steel Alignment Pins ensure positive alignment
•Fasteners are easily accessible when product is mounted, but are concealed from easy view
•A selection of fasteners are available to support most
application requirements
•Bristles are flagged to provide a softer contact surface for riders and their clothing
•Bristles are pitched downward to discourage the retention of liquids and other contaminants along the brush surface
•The leading edge of the bristles are chamfered to create a 90 degree orientation to the step surface
•Highly durable and weather resistant
•Available in Black, soon to be available in Silver match
•Unique flexible designs allow transition curves to be formed on-site
•Product is supplied to exact length and ready for quick mounting on escalator

Flame Rating:
The product uses flame retardant materials to achieve the following criteria:
•Bristles meets: UL-94-V2 vertical burn,
UL-94-HB horizontal burn
•Body meets: CAL 117,  ASTM E662,  FAR 25.853, Airbus ATS 1000.001
•Installation procedure is simple with clear and easy to follow instructions
•Average installation time is about two hours for average rise escalator
•Unlike competitive products, Motion Guard is supplied ready to install when removed from the shipping box

•Damaged sections can be easily removed and replaced

Lead Time:
•Typically ship in 24 hours

Shipping & Handling:
•The Motion Guard product is packaged in a highly effective cardboard box designed to minimize freight and handling costs while also providing suitable protection for the product

•The order form has been combined with a very simple survey sheet developed to collect the three information items needed to complete an order: Length, Color, Escalator skirt details


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