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    The fastest, easiest, quietest, and most dependable door operators ever available from GAL - now in stock at
    Quality Elevator Products. Order before 1:00PM CST for same day shipping. Please call for details.

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• Door Control with built-in diagnostics
• Plug & Play Door Protection
• Regulated speed via motor closed loop feedback
• Test Switches for Open, Close, Nudging & Heavy door
• Inputs: Door Open, Close and Nudging
• Input Voltage: universal, 24-300VAC or VDC
• Motor: Heavy Duty, 3-phase, 1/2 HP
• Non-Contact optical couplers
• Supply circuit: 110/230VAC, 1-phase, 500VA min.
13" Header Height - Single Speed - Two Speed
Door Operator Assembly Door Style & Opening
Model OEM # Door
DO-MOVFR02L OP99-0002L Left 25"- 29"  
DO-MOVFR02R OP99-0002R Right
DO-MOVFR03L OP99-0003L Left 30"- 34" 30"- 34"
DO-MOVFR03R OP99-0003R Right
DO-MOVFR04L OP99-0004L Left 35"- 39" 35"- 39"
DO-MOVFR04R OP99-0004R Right
DO-MOVFR05L OP99-0005L Left 40"- 44" 40"- 44"
DO-MOVFR05R OP99-0005R Right
DO-MOVFR06L OP99-0006L Left 45"- 48" 45"- 48"
DO-MOVFR06R OP99-0006R Right


15” Header Height - Single Speed - Center Parting
Door Operator Assembly Door Style & Opening
Model OEM # Single Speed
Center Parting
DO-MOVFR-3N1 OP100-0001N 30"- 33"
DO-MOVFR-3N2 OP100-0002N 34"- 39"
DO-MOVFR-3N3 OP100-0003N 40"- 49"

     MOVFR II door operator includes door drive arm(s) and mounting hardware OEM # OP2-0050N.
     Gate switch w/ hardware Model DOSW-0044N
     U5 IC chip Model DO-ECHIP, OEM# DPPC-0001N U5 enabling IC chip simplifies the door operator reopening circuits
     for Formula Systems, Scanguard, and Tri-Tronics infrared light curtain detectors.

Elevator door styles, view from

Left Hand

( left close )

Right Hand

( right close )

Center Parting

( center close )

Door operator MOVFR II flyer and 8032 wiring diagram  MOVFR II flyer &
8032 wiring diagram

Door operator MOVFR II flyer and 8032 wiring diagram
Door operator GAL MOVFR II installation manual  GAL MOVFR II
installation  manual

Door operator GAL MOVFR II installation manual



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