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Model MAGLVL1 hall effect level sensor is designed for versatility and ease of installation. It is designed to interface directly with many different controller types. The sensor is a bipolar hall effect sensor with dual outputs and built in pull-ups, allowing a single sensor to independently sense and signal north and south pole magnets. The sensors control the input to darlington quad sink drivers, which can directly drive most PLC 12 - 24 VDC sink inputs, as well as on-board relays that can be used to drive virtually any type of input up to 60 watts. The built-in power supply provides 5 VDC sensor power as well as 12 VDC relay power from 14-24 VAC power, or from standard 120 volt AC power when the on-board transformer is installed. On board LED indicators show when an output is turned on. The standard unit can provide up to 8 separate signals.

The MAGLVL1 sensor is very compact with a foot print of approximately 2” x 3”. The interface board is approximately 5” x 8”. The 2” steel tape can accommodate up to 3 lanes. Tape and sensor mounting is designed to accommodate a wide range of configurations with minimal hardware. Tap mounting kits are available.

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• Versatile
• Dependable
• Affordable

Sensor Type:

Hall Effect - bipolar

Driver Type:

Quad darlington

No. of Inputs

8 per interface board

No. of Outputs:

16 per interface board; 1 sink output and 1 relay output per input

Sink Output:

1.8 A 50 V max per output; 720 W total per interface board

Relay Output:

5 relays with parallel DPDT contacts for 120 VA capacity
3 relays with separate DPDT contacts for 60 VA capacity

Supply power:

24-24 VAC, optional 120 VAC with transformer

Sensor power:

5 VDC (onboard)

Relay Power:

12 VDC (onboard)

Tape size:


No. of lanes:



1 amp (AC input) and 4 amp (DC supply for sensors)

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